Shipping Policy


Delivery is free throughout Canada. The delivery term is 3-5 days accross Canada.

We deliver the products with PUROLATOR and you can check the delivery status by clicking HERE:

The customer has the responsibility to check the integrity of the product upon receipt of the package and, within 48 hours of receipt, he has the obligation to notify BCF TRADING CORP in writing through an email accompanied by demonstrative photos of the defects that have occurred, at this address: At the same time, if major damage to the product’s packaging is reported upon delivery of the product, the customer must draw up a damage/loss or damage report together with the courier company’s agent and keep a copy. For the products delivered to the address in the order and later transported by the customer to another address, we do not assume responsibility for the integrity of the transportation of the respective product!

Mentions regarding possible problems regarding the integrity/content of some parcels are made at the time of delivery on AWB or a statement of findings is drawn up, the receipt and payment of the parcel is refused. Any subsequent complaints regarding these aspects are null and void.

There may also be delivery exceptions within the standard delivery term, for orders paid by bank transfer or payment order, for which the bank transaction may take depending on the processing time of each bank; in this situation, the order will be processed only when the money has been transferred to the BCF TRADING CORP. account.

There may be delivery delays due to unfavorable weather conditions, impassable roads or other causes related to the evolution of the weather.

Before ordering a product, check if it is in stock. Products that are not currently in stock cannot be delivered. The respective orders can be kept for a period of one month, at the customer’s request, and are delivered when they are back in stock. If they cannot be honored within one month, these orders will be considered cancelled, without further notification. If the customer does not specify that these orders be kept, they will be considered null.

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