Selfie PhotoBooth, Build-in Camera


Selfie PhotoBooth, Build-in Camera


6,099.00 CAD

Availability: Available on backorder. The product will be shipped starting with 17 May 2024. SKU: SelfiePB


We offer for SALE (and we provide TECHNICAL SUPPORT for INSTALLATION) Selfie Photobooth, Built-in Camera:

  •    Selfie Photobooth
  •    Metal case for Selfie Photobooth
  •    Original TV panel with 13.3″ diagonal
  •    Bluetooth RGB LEDs incorporated in the case with color change via remote control
  •    Mini PC Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro license
  •    Built-in Camera
  •    Professional thermal photo printer Hiti P525L – Photo booth printer
  •    Consumables for 1000 prints 4″ x 6″
  •    Capacitive touch technology (touchscreen)
  •    Packaging system: professional transport box and wooden box
  •    The dimensions of the professional transport box are: 46.5″ * 9.5″ * 25″ and the weight is 13kg for the box and 21kg for the Photobooth (34kg total)
  •    Pre installed manufacture software designed and tested by our supplier with the following features: Use the built-in animations or upload your own for a one of a kind experience for your guests; Further personalize the booth experience by having your guests draw their signature and incorporate it into their print; Add fun to the experience by allowing guests to add built-in or custom stickers and emojis to their print; Customize the screens that your guests see to perfectly fit your event with your own graphics, logos, and buttons; Easily share your photos and videos via email, SMS, AirDrop, QR Code as well as print your photos; Get the highest quality prints by using the built-in template editor to add your logo, text, or other graphics.
  •    Technical assistance


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